Welcome to Ocean Isle Vacations House Rentals

Our primary goal is to help homeowners on Ocean Isle and Sunset Beach realize more positive cash flow on their rental properties through the use of our company, Ocean Isle Vacation House Rentals.  We utilize VRBO.com (Vacation Rentals by Owner) and Homeaway.com. VRBO is owned by Homeaway ( Just a little FIY).

We’ve been listening to homeowners and renters the past several years and have heard the grumblings that most of you probably feel the same, such as:

  • I pay a lot in commissions to the realty companies.
  • I could rent it myself but I don’t want the headaches.
  • I’m not happy with where I’m at and have been thinking about another company.
  • I’m tired of paying a fee for every little thing.

Does that sound like you? If so, we can help. You might be using VRBO or Homeaway now and we can still help diminish your involvement in the day to day or week to week activities. We help owners get 100% of all commissions which means we get ZERO. It’s a simple process and we invite you to visit our information links to the right side of the page to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

We’ve also been listening to renters as well and this is what they’ve said:

  • We pay thousands to rent a home and linens aren’t provided?
  • We rented through a VRBO owner and we have an issue and we can’t get ahold of them or their maintenance people.
  • The Realty company people were rude to us when we had an issue.

Here at Ocean Isle Vacations we understand there is no one cure all for everything however, there are improvements that can be made. Utilizing VRBO/Homeaway, the nation’s largest Vacation Rental search sites on the web, we will work with your listings on either site or both to garner not only ‘in-season’ reantals but ‘off-season’ rentals as well.  As with our company, if your unit isn’t rented then we aren’t making money. Think of us as another little ‘video box’ of a certain color that is basically on every major street corner and look at how it changed the make up of the video rental industry. While we don’t aspire to do anything to do that degree we do seek to improve upon the industry by providing homeowners with more rental revenue, less headaches and a more pleasant experience overall.

Care to know more? Visit our information pages or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.




Our sister company is Sandlappers Beach Supplies which began in 2010 and has grown well in it’s first 4 years that we are expanding into serving Holden Beach & Oak Island in 2014.  Their Web address is:  www.sandlappersbeachsupplies.com